* Firstly:

(1) Either telephone or email David using the details provided on the Contact Page.

(2) Subject to arrangement, if the house/building/vehicle etc is in the Lower Hunter area, David will take and show you the photographs prior to starting.
NB: There is no extra cost for David to take the photos.

(3) Alternatively, you may either post, or scan and email your preferred (sharp) photo(s) to one of the addresses on the Contact Page.

(4) David will then contact you to discuss the size, angles and any special instructions you may have. (You have a choice of either white or cream acid-free paper).

* The Next Stage:

(5) After you decide on the size of your portrait, the paper is measured and cut.

(6) The house (or other subject) is then drawn in pencil from the photograph(s). At this point, any special instructions are followed eg; removing the neighbour’s house/electricity lines and poles, removing other detracting objects, and/or improving the gardens and lawn.

(7) When the pencilling is completed from your instructions, the permanent ink is then carefully applied.

(8) David will contact you when completion is near and organise delivery and payment.

* Timeframe:

(9) Portraits usually take one to two weeks from pencilling.

(10) Please book early for Christmas.